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Normally I won't give a review unless I had a really awful experience at a restaurant or a delivery place, but I will make an exception for this place. Mokja Express serves korean food as authentic as you can get, north of K-Town. There's been a few Korean restaurants popping up here and there but there was always something off about them to me... either the taste, the portions, or even the price. I was quite often stuck overpaying and eating something that didn't quite hit the mark on taste. Which is quite ridiculous but what could I do but cave in when I had the CRAVING for that seoulful goodness without having to leave my home. When I order from here it's pretty much what I want and when I want it. It's tasty and delivered on I don't feel ripped off. I'm satisfied and my only wish would be that they would expand on their menu in the future or have special menus for certain occasions for the more experienced Korean palettes.


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Delicious Korean food- faves include fried chicken, dukmandoo soup, steamed dumplings, kimchee tofu soup with pork. Wonderful to have this restaurant in Yorkville!


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This is my first time eating at - or getting delivery from - this restaurant. Fantastic food, good value. I will definitely be ordering from them again.


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The food was delicious and the delivery came a little early which was nice. The pancakes were really special And we loved the radishes.


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They have the best wings ever! I'm not sure what magic they use to keep them crispy, especially in a delivered wing, but they do it.

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I got Kimchee stew and Pork dumplings. The pork dumpling seemed home made and deep fried not pan fried which i loved and wasn't soggy like some places. The Kimchee stew was cooked to order. it had little rice cake ovalets. If you Korean you know that's a must to make the stew a little thick. Decent and truly home cooking. Thank you baby Jesus for bringing Korean to UES!


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SOOOO HAPPY a reasonable good Korean place has opened up on the UES. Authentic K-food, reasonable prices, friendly service, and some interesting fusion stuff. Can really complain. One recommendation is that they expand their banchan (Korean side dish) offering to beyond Kimchee and Dakguang but besides that I love this place!


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Super fire!! I ordered the fried pork dumplings and the chicken wings (half and half). Dumplings were pretty good, nothing crazy. Chicken on the other hand was great! Very crispy and perfectly tossed in sauce. There was a good amount of meat too. Order got to me 15 minutes early, which is a always a plus.


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So happy to have Korean fried chicken on the UES. It was tamed down in terms of spiciness, so next time I'd order extra gochujang. Very crispy and flavorful, just needs to bump up the heat quite a bit for my taste. The pickled radish was right on.


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Always great, delivered pretty quick and thus far always correct (even when making substitutions/adding extras, which seems to be more than most places on the UES can handle).

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